Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fish Life - Money+Cash Cheat

Firstly , Go to Fish Life

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This is the Fish Life Money cheat which help you to get your desired item you want.


  • Cheat Engine 5.5
  • Flash Player 10
  • Browser ( FireFox )

Money Cheat

Steps :

  1. Start your Fish Life Application
  2. Open your cheat engineand attach it to Firefox.
  3. Scan your 'current coin' , make sure you choose value type to '4 bytes'
  4. Purchase some item and to increase or decrease your coin value. Next scan your newly
    updated coin value.
  5. You should be able to see 1 address result.
  6. If you still get alot address , repeat step 4 .
  7. Double click it and change to your desired
    amount. For my case i key 999,999 coins. Which i think is sufficient for me now.
  8. Now just purchase any item to see an increase of the hack coins.
    (Please note that the coins you cheat will not be saved)
  9. Simply go to the shop and purchase the most expensive item and purchase new tanks
    to store your items. Keep purchasing and plant all the items into your tanks.
  10. Once you are happy.. Simply Refresh your Fish Life and your coins will be back to "0"
    while your items is still intact in the tanks! R2O-Hacks.blogspot.com
Note: If you bought fish , its unable to save , only work for tank,ornament, and item .

Cash Cheat

Its same as above , all you need to scan the cash value .
i recommend you to buy pirate flag first because its worth 3 cash , so you can scan until you get one address .
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